Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Collaberative Work

Drawing by yourself can actually get really boring sometimes... so i thought it would be good to....... do something collaborative with the people around me.

Myself and hettie[fine art painting] worked on a piece out of nowhere! I found this interesting series of print marks on the walll when i was stroling through the painting studios[i like to rome rooms to see wat everyones getting up to and mybe get some inspiration to work!] Interestingly enough i enjoy seeing what other groups are doing, its important that an illustrator knows the world...The marks were actually more interesting than the painting that created them :P they were just marks left on the wall from the paint seeking through, but there was this direction feeling i got from it, and loadsa colours :)I JUSt HAD TO DRAW ON IT :P i checked with people in the class to see if anyone was using it first dont worri :P.Working with colour was something i didn't think i would do, i thought id just draw with a big black pen over it, but it was begging to have colour :) and hettie encouraged that, we ended up working together paingint this guy and his dog :) mood is something painters are really good at :) i hope i can communicate that in ma own work :)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

I still get busi in ma naaappy afro!

Afro samurai resurrection... FLAWLESS ANIMATION!