Monday, 8 June 2009


I really want to carry on this blog. ive noticed i take LOADSA pictures! so why not just do what needs to be done!

I got a New Self Created project!! Were basically trying to raise enough money! Fundraising. Wilderness Foundation are getting me and a friend to raise £150 EACH to get use to go on this leadership trip to scotland on June 10th.

I wanted to have some type of art show that exposed the talents of me and my friends and anyone else who wanted to get invloved in the show, but then again... that wouldnt be fair on all the other artists who would get invloved... there not exactly going on the leadership trip aswell.

So i came up with a way of rasing money and doing something creative and productive :) Speed Portraits! I first thought that id try and get 150 Drawings done in 1 Day! the size of A5 picture. that seemed so HARD since during foundation we did a 100 drawing project and that was looong!

So weve been going out on the street on a tour and Making People Pay for Portraits, i always try todo the style in the mood of the people i draw. So far weve made £40 !!!!! GOIGN GREAT! were having the final Event day were we invite people to come to our event on the 28th of june... ill keep you posted untill then.