Sunday, 8 September 2013

Exhibition at XBoxpark Sketches

Trying to go with that metal gear Solid art work look with this Ryse vs Titanfall Image. Well see how it turns out sooner or later.

Havin a Show n October! syked!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

?WAT! Painting in Cophenhagen?

We were looking for some legal spots in the city of copenhagen cause apparently danes are super serious when it comes to being caught spraying graffiti... i dont profess to be a graffiti-artist but Cans are Fun and we managed to find a spot where a Railway company[the people who hate the Graffiti crews the most] were organising artists from around the world to paint a designated area.... Without permission from the officials we found a spot on the same wall. The artists were cool, lets just hope the officials were to.
Mural spray-painted with Montana Black[never used before, that high pressure shiz]] in Norrebro park, Copenhagan

PS. HIPHOP is like the BEST THING to listen to when you wanna spray paint.... Its just works!