Thursday, 11 July 2013

Its great to have a Muse, Hiatus Kaiyote Mural

Fancy that! they actually came to check out the mural :D

Music funnily enough is a great muse for artwork and for the past year I've listening to a lot of Hiatus Kaiyote. After hearing their album on Gilles Peterson last year it became an instant hit with me. There jazziness, funkiness and overall really well tailored contemporary sound was really refreshing and always put me in a happy mood when making work...

So I when i heard that they were coming from Melbourne Australia to do a gig Round the corner from where I HAD to do something.

?WAT! was created.

After getting turned down by the venue we had to come up with our own plan... and all I can say is that  I felt hapz to see that they liked it!

Thanks for the shout-out Nai Palm! I actually was gonna call it Mobius-Streak ha ha.

realising the importance of just creating out of love and sheer inspiration... just do it! these guys make amazing music, and it reminds me of how much i appreciate being a creative! I can just make something back!

Well done on the record deal!