Saturday, 12 May 2012

Londons Calling

Londons coming along. I actually like the fact that I've been expanding the canvas as I go along So that i Retain the Narrative and Pase of the Piece. Rather than just Cramming things in any how.

Londons really starting to take Shape. Just have limited time on how I  can finish.

In comparison
! Just to make things Move

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Step 2 : beads half done

gotta stop spending so much money!

Gotta paint them now 

and find some freerunners

and make a film

eergh! time!

i hate to beA PERFECTIONIST but that helmet might be a bit too big

Getting closer
Ninja trousers/Camden
Grey hoodie
and adude who looks like him...


So far done
check flickr for fill size

Qx3 Costume making...

So i gotta make this costume

and find a guy that can free run

Next Up Helmet! Beads and Mask

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tom and Jerry Animation Comparison

Tom and Jerry 1960 - Funny home videos are a click away

Tom and Jerry 1960... What does this have to do with My LondonXNigeria Project. Backgrounds. Im most probably going to have a moving background in most of the pictures I would make.

the background in the earlier versions of Tom and Jerry were a lot more Full and fleshed out. Great and effective if your making a piece all about how detailed every area of where your going. but is it all necessary.

I don't think I've got all the time. to be creating full fleshed out backgrounds.

Apparently its because of the costs of things like paints and materials that would be needed. And the time restraints in creating new episodes.
Time restraints are definitely one of my issues at the moment. And I can see why simplifying things would become a lot more efficient in the 1980.

The fact that parts of what i will eb using will be animates means that i should take this into consideration. if things are really detailed but aren't going to get seen in detail then theres room for change.

I could learn from this!

Ive been drawing a lot of Complicated Backgrounds for this project, but i don't have a lot of time!

Life in Nigeria prt 1

This video has a perfect rendition of my experiances in nigerian Cities.
Its full of life and culture, but tbhere is this strange clash between the sun, th atmosphere and the natural environment. Pollution mad traffic, and everyones in a rush.

Trying to capture all of this deffinetly has to do with the colours and what medium to use