Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Black History Month exhibition

beddow ‘n’ Battini and The University of East London are collaborating on a Twist Lesson on Black History Month.

Remember the days in Primary or Secondary school? Big Letters on the Black/White Board, saying… “BLACK HISTORY MONTH”.

Underneath you’d see see the typical names: Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks – The usual stuff back then.

Black History is important, but what exactly is the month dedicated to? Who put it there? And what do we actually get from it?

All we know is that Opinions are vast.. and we like to express ourselves. So take this exhibition as a eye opener to what different Story tellers feel about the Month that is BLACK HISTORY.


For all you'll who didn't know Beddow n Battini is the collective that Im part of that do annual Exhibitions with artists and writers... for more info, check THIS OUT! :D Beddow n Battini

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