Sunday, 8 March 2009

New Colab work

Its starting to get really fun this collaboration work. mainly because the end pieces look really good, but also because its interesting how we can speak to each other through the work that we do. its like you can see the personalities of each person that got involved in the piece that you made.

I went to this Arts show called SECRET WARS which is like a Illustration battle...
Two teams have this massive wall, were they have to try and illustrate something about the opposing team, just to take the mik :P as you would expect grapfiti artist get invloved, but there not always the victors, since its all about Using a big black marker..... when you get time, check it out.

but anyway heres some of the work me and a Friend Created, i did the lines, he painted over it. he really surprised me with what he did with it :P

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