Saturday, 28 March 2009

Secret Wars Was Fun

I really enjoyed it! It was quite an experience both times i went but the final was something else. the atmosphere was Epic! the Village underground was like totally filled with people, most of them actually, didnt have a clue who the heck was doing the art on the day but it was all good.


illustration battle. sounds exiting dont it. I think it Attracted me because alot of my work has been following the whole urban path recently. it aint obvious that im interested in Street art with the Drawings that i do, but the characters i create usually have a certain fashion sence. which is oftern street!

but i learnt quite a bit about improvisation. these guys basiocaslly had to make sure there as loose as possible with their drawings, cause if you spernd too much time thinking about how your gonna do it, your gonna loose. its also really good to note that size is a big factor!things that you draw on A4 will look TOTALLY different ON A MASSIVE WALL! so you just have to go with things and have an understanding about LINE! and Compasision and how you use White space.... ehh alot to remember but ill thing about it more in the next drawing i do.... hold up aint that besides the pont.... i shouldnt be thinking bout it >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">This was one of the pictures i took of the first night i went! A team called monorex did this. their like part of the organisers so you know they know what there doing. Adopting the whole Traditional Graffiti look with there fluent use of lines but also strong dark lines that compliment the white.

The things i got from the Final were the two artists. Very different. Reeps Was the Muralist! he did the whole Typical Abstract graffiti thing, we thought he was gonna try and do some strange lettering but it ended up being more of an abstract illustration that once the Text was with it made alot of sence. all with Edding pens and a roller for some of thoe tone. worked out really well with trying different things to make his image stand out. as an illustration it was quite effective. well we couldnt tell wat it was when he was drawing it, but once finished it was class

Hicks[the shirt and tie dude] was more new school! his style was pretty similar to the type of stuff i was doing, so in a way i could relate to his illustrations more. it wa all about character designs with hime, being whitty and suggestive with his designs. He also didnt wanna use the EDDING pens, which was because his style was all about the expressive stokes he made.... a lil bit of a cheat but hey it still worked. i liked the characters, but he didnt really say much besides "HEY LOOK AT ME I CAN DRAW" its been kinda like Style vs Communication there! what happend to STYLICATION!

Hicks won tho, even though Reeps got the Crowd vote. the jugdes[who probably didnt know a thing about communication] voted for hicks becaus they could make more sence of it haha.

Ill do some experiments on Line then space and see where it goes.

Heres my Piece Of INK that was inspired from the secret wars. done with a calligrafy brush. Use of lines YAY

Something a Friend came up with at the event! i thought she did a really good job. Graphic designers always know what there doing

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