Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Jack Petchey Award

So We Won an Award!

Adeeb all smug and Me NASHING!!!

BeddownBattini Was a creative Collective started by myself and Adeeb Warren. An artist and a Writer starting an art collective with a specific angle on strying to tell stories. Both Londoners, Both hung out in the same areas, liked the same films, introduced each other to all sorts of music, and both had stories we wanted to create.

The City was a Great influence and as well as big films and features, our most inspiring ventures were always the projects/exhibitions that people we knew and were connected to. Whether it be an exhibition at a local cafe, a pop up shop show, or Monorex Streetart Projects, It was always things that people started from ground up that really made us want to just make things happen, and get others involved.

So when we got BnB started we made sure we utilized the networks we had, and made new ones through them too. Its really a good idea to Know what all yah friends are up to if your a young person. especially in the arts. Around this time we were also in a year out and doing a lot of work with a youth empowering charity called Envision. Its always good to have worked with a charity before :) We Did designs, films, and talks with them.

So whats the Award about then???


Jack Petchey Award for achivements in inspiring young people. :D Envision nominated us for this award and we won it :) meaning we get £200 to spend on producing a project that benefits young people! SWEEEEEET! Ive just been doing what I Love. Were always looking for fundingfor projects.

We celebrated by going to see StarTrek Into Darkness :D
awesome movie.... but it doesnt answer how were gonna spend the money :P

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