Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hasnt been doing enough research in actual themes ¬_¬

ive been doing a whole load of drawing exercises! liek the one i did with my little sister.

we basically got a page and a pen ad said! "YOU HAVE 10/15/25/30/60 seconds to draw a picture!" and did it. was quite fun and loose. the things would never be single like draw a car¬_¬ because that way it wouldn't be a challenge and the typical less expressive ideas would come out from thinking bout it too much. in terms of how to draw them that is.

so i randomly said! "Draw a PIG.... jumping over TOWER BRIDGE!" such a childish thing to say :) and i love it, reliving youthful days not worrying about it too much. by the end of it me and my sister made quie a few pictures... im always gonna believe that my sister is better at that then me, simply because her hand is more innocent than mine. but hey.

Made me think about imagination a lot more! SO I NEEED TO RESEARCH IMAGINATION! and COLLECT THINGS from CHILDHOOD! already been childhood museum.... well why not go again!

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