Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hats and galleries

Feels completely irrelevant, but i feel like for some reason i should be putting it up. i went to an exhibition about hats.... thats right! HATS?

Its was awsome! things that impressed me the most is the fact that there was this HUGE HAT/Tiara thing that had a giant rose sticking out of the top of it. that would so be something id wanna do, cause to be perfectly honest, Hats don't really have that much of a purpose.... even in the army... why when there not fighting do they wear hats?

And the metropolis Film was also featured there.... which was actually kinda relevant because It was one of those films i told myself id watch because of the way it created the idea of scale. I should check that out soon and give you a little bit of a review basied on my project.

okokok The reason i brought this up is because i went to like 3 galleries on this day :P

- V&A: for HATS
- National gallery.... would you believe the fact that ive never been there before haha
- National Portrait gallery.... never been there either :S oddball! [shhhh dotn tell me nothing, eastlondon is the place to be haha]

Inbetween the visits we walked by Central saint martins and saw this window piece. What you see on the wall was her actually tracing what she saw on from the perspective of where she was sitting. kinda cool actually, different ways of presenting a drawing, something that i could look into when trying to design my mural. Haha funny thing about it was how people tried to talk to her. there were all like "Are you tracing?" the girl couldnt hear her haha!
Maybe i might thinnk about Drawing my mural small, then PROJECTING IT to make it BIG! and have the projection as part of the piece.

the whole Trancing idea.

i had to write messages in my sketchbook to actually communicate to her haha quick thinking.
Wanna know why the heck she was doing it visit - - she proper got a seriouse website aswell.

In the National Gallery there was a Bunch of paintings that were interesting, they were all big and i actually learned a thing or two about how they were made..... LOADSA PEOPLE WORKED ON THEM, at first i was shocked, i thought all hoses big named artists did it all themselves... NO?!?!?!??!?! they had teams of people helping them. The Good thing about the the Gallery was the fact that i got to sneak into The Childrens learning area.

Turns out theres a special Children's Learning program that's been happening. its all about Getting Children to re create images in there own way. They did a project with angels and saints, but created them with limited materials, i think this is were kids really shine, they still have a storong enough mind to create theses things. Really like that!

these are actually supposed to represent an actual painting in the national gallery to do with angels and saints... nice to see kids having a go at it.

At the National Portrait Gallery i saw something that just makes be feel like Painting my mural! maybe should get more observation work, but its all bout my adelecent imagenation?

The frame work of this was cool, i think the feeling of walking into the room and instantly. noticing this was the aspect that really made me like it

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