Thursday, 23 April 2009


my mind is split in two atm !

Besides the very VARY bad news i got today, im in two minds as to what i wannadrive forward. the original iead i had for my proposal was to do a mural, but for some reason making something 3d really seems like the way to go.... ive never tried it before but after looking at the idea that children are inspried when they touch things it pretty much makes me want to make a toy.

the funny thing about theses toys is that they actuallty physically remind me of some the work ive been looking at. like Matt Robinsons work, they seem very now, and new, i wanna try and see if i could make one just for experimentations sake. besides, you can even draw on theses things, which makes them even more personal.

In a way i could create something 3d that relates to themural. like make a little model of my mini-me as like an artist with a magic paint brush lool. then have a Painting on a massive wall that entires people into a new world! MAN I JUST CAME UP WITH A BRTILLIANT IDEA. it Strings together Children[making a toy] murals[the painting/drawing relating to the childhoodambitions] and the trigger, unlimited![an installation! of the painting breaking away from something like a frame or a door]

ok, ill get drawings up pronto!


  1. wicked! have you looked at other vinyl toys like dunnys? they are quite playful. and go to shops like playlounge and forbidden planet?

  2. yupyup ive already found a site with loads of them on it. Dunnys and flatcaps! should be a blast. but making them hmmm