Monday, 25 May 2009

Back to the three

Back to Marc Brown, Andrew Jones and Tite Kubo.

whats quite nice about the things that i looked at was the fact that alot of these artists drawings were done on a larger scale than what I expected. because we see there stuff in books and magazines as reprinted 2d work, we immediantly marvel at how they can produce such complex or well done piece of work on that scale. When infact alot of these work is Drawn on twice if not 3 times the size of what its printed as. That interests me because the rescaling of a picture can actually change the meaning off it, so you should as an illustrator bare this in mind. Try to create an image that can be as effective small aswell as big, so that it is not limited to a particular way of viewing.

ALSO Reading Rocket's interview with Marc Brown

heres a nice little video that interests me... probably because there was a transition with the character moving from books to TV/animation. it would be nice to see Zeek do the same thing one day :)

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