Thursday, 28 May 2009


My project has always been based scale. The idea came from the fact that a my accomplished work is always limited to sketchbooks, which in turn has limited the effectiveness of my illustrations. I had the idea of creating something larger scale to force me out of my old habits.

My research was triggered by a popular underground illustration event named “Secret Wars” I visited. It tested the illustrators understanding of size, use of lines, improvisation skills and expressing their creativity within a time limit. The images created really influenced me to work with “scale”.

Around this time I had been invited to Essex University in Colchester for a viewing of a Chinese fine artist named Xin Sun where, he used the space provided for him to create something more interesting than his sheet drawings and actually said something through its scale. I wanted to create something using this method of communication.

At this stage the concept of a child’s imagination became something I wanted to explore. It seemed limitless as children show pure notion of their creativity. I wanted to illustrate this point. Trips to the Museum of Childhood where among the list of things I did to get some insight on what I was actually looking into. From the visit I found the concept of “reminiscing”. I started looking at my own old toys that made me think about working with my own childhood imaginations.

Originally I kept two books, one big one small for comparison and ideas. I started with small sketchbook to record ideas and create observational drawings. However, this book was 70 percent random and 30 percent relevant. This reminded me that I had a strong understanding of method, but lacked understanding of theme/concept, and how to tell a story.

Through the process of my project it’s became apparent that I wished to transcend certain ideas from 2D to 3D all to aid the strong idea of play that children have with toys.

So I the idea of comparison books changed to working from work sheets by using things that I had made and developing them that way.

The feedback conversations I had with people about their childhood were really helpful as they gave me confidence throughout the project helped me to delve into the subject better. Working with worksheets was a lot more effective than sketchbooks because of the visual communication aspect.

My time management was fairly flexible, right from the research. I would give myself targets for the week, rather than days to leave room for changes.


I have learn that I have time management problems that needs to be dealt with, many problems arose when trying to build the final project due to not giving myself enough time to build everything. If given more time I would have finished mini tasks that would have made the outcome of my project stronger.

I felt that my work has become a lot more skilfull as I am now more interested in the “experience” of doing things, rather than just drawing in the style of someone, or taking things from the internet which is what I previously did. This surprisingly helped me create stronger ideas with substance.

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