Wednesday, 20 May 2009

had a tough week

Ive noticed that things don't ever happen the way you want them to happen to. and on the last day of studio time i felt the full heart if that! 5 days to go and i still dont have my wall up!

Things i needed to sort out:

-Blot the wall onto the OTher wall so that i can project an image onto the WALL then PAINT ON THE WALL!
-BUY PAINT *man this time management thing is really killin me*
-Experiment with different colours to see what works where and how

I write up a time plan of things that i have to do for this week, seen as i ususalyl plan things baised on weeks.

The Actual Building of the wall hasn't started but i have written the measurements of how big it will be and all the components needed. mainly to help me out, but i will also go with the flow, things never turn out how you plan anyway even when you spend 4 days trying to collect the right type of wood and putting them together, the design might have to change due to the way things are set out.
Like the example here! IT all is pending on the hole in the middle where My mini Me is going to sit so the design might have to be tweeked as shown here. hopefull this mock up will be a good representation of things. i do have to bare in mind thatthe cardboard is substancially Thicker in scale to the thickness of the wood.

interms of the illustration, i feel like its come a nice way forward. I was stressed before because it felt unfinished. there was an aim there, but it looked like it was just half decorated and there was a certain idea that i was trying to get across. it didnt have a comeplteted feel to it because it needed to be more busy, and maybe have a better sence of focus, interm this would alow me to think about how to use colour and line alot more interestingly, like with the complicated Thai epics i looked at before. just adding the themes to the sides also made a big difference in the design.

Infact it solved the problem that i thought i had. i wanted to encorperate the idea of how imagenation sees somethings as somethign else. i had already made a sheet showing how i made this metamorphisis, but putting it onto the design proved challenging. But thankfully, when i spent time taking pictures of the subjects an idea naturally came.

i was going to try and draw this!!! even tho the Communication aspect is perfect, it seemed unpractical for the style already created. after collecting mroe images of the lace i deceded to just change things based on there cshape. rather than see a mountain as something to climb! see it as something to slide down... this helped with the composition ALOT! there are still more tweeks, but they will be done... the biggest issue is getting the improved design to work with the WALL!!!!

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