Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Its all coming together

its Gonna be hard to get all the things ive been solving out on to this blog sooooo im gonna try and do it in sections of days... ok:

Last Week - Confusuion and Lazyness!

I kinda knew what to do next... Come up with all the aspects of my childhood that i wanted to work with. But it was completely difficult to randomly come up with an ideas i know what i wanted to do with them. My Tutors gave me a bunch of artists to look at. i could see how they related to my work, and they all made sence to me, but i didnt feel that they were showing me a way forward.

That week felt really unproductive and mainly because i still hadnt found out how i would best display the images i had in my head... how ever i was able to actually start experimenting with colour nicely from lookin at Wigans work. turns out ive found it easier to put colour on something first, then Draw into it. which in a way makes sence. with dreams and nightmares, colours are the things that actually have a bigger impact then the details of the objects in them.

i did a little bit of compisition work in a page of my sketch book that was quite a good representation of what i wanted to do but it was one of thoses images that would be effective if small, but im not sure about how effective it would be Larger.

and because i didnt know all the aspects of my childhood i wanted to talk about i found drawing it out difficult. EHH MORE RESEARCH!

- i wanted to get more of the real stuff, not necessarily the stuff you read out of books but the stuff you see in people. it wasnt like a servay, but i basically got people around the studio, from tutors to students and students from the other rooms to Draw something from there childhood...anything, i really didnt want to limit what people had to say by saying draw a toy, or draw something from TV because i had alreayd looked at those things. Experiances was something i was mostly interested in. Even the people that i was collecting from thought that it wasnt that relevant to what i was doing if it was other peoples experiances. I was secpetical...


THIS WEEK HOWEVER! Has been like EUREKA!!!!!! Ive basically found a really good way of Testing out images for there size effectiveness AND! I came up with all the aspects of my childhood and imagenation i wish to illustrate.

- Love for Creating worlds

- ROBOTS!!!!


- Legomen/Powerrangers, and the stories id tell with them

- and finally NIGHTMARES!

The last Was a result of the actual Servay/Collection I didn with peoples childhood. everyones ideas were really helpfull in helping me with the whole projects, esppecially some individual ones that were about DREAMS... and it made me think about my dreams, and the characters that were in them. there a part of your imagenation and im surprised i didnt think about adding theses in there in the firstplace :)


all of my tutors are a genious...

All the problems ive been having with how to work with my imagry have lifted.

Ive always wanted to work with scale, but so i moved from sketchbooks, to worksheets. and from worksheets to 3d! and now im going to cleverly uses a projector! an overhead projector.

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