Monday, 25 May 2009

Desicion making

finally decision making with the piece. i get the feeling that this would be very suited in the Room of a child around 7-12 years old, which is pretty much what im aiming for. the colours help that alot.

~However I feel that for it to be more of an effective mural it needs maybe a better contrast. I think thats down the the lines used... or maybe the fact that its not finished...? but still, i had an idea of where the illustration was going.

The left side of the illustration is working quite well, interms Line work, however the Right side has a strong use of colour, but not together! we need more of a balance.

That word balance has been floating around the latter half of my project for a while now. I wanted to put more of a composition balance in the line work and with the colour. Should i think about using Gradients? blured or smudged colours or try and be more specific to bold and solid colours. from what ive done so far shows alot of indecision, as the Lego robot has adopted on method while the otherside has adopted somethign different. in a way the right side has a Commitment to the reseach and development that i have been doing on the work sheets, but the colours are somethign i feel i shoudl think about more, try and get some omre mockups done. but so far i think its worthy of getting the point across.

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